The art of Japanese fish rubbings and nature prints


Bellingham, Washington

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(360) 734-6721

These prints are color digital reproductions on acid free paper.   Each print is signed, and in each individual package is a description of Gyotaku.

Unmatted prints (11x17 or 12x18) are $25 each and include shipping  Single Mat/Matted prints (print size 11x17 or 12x18) are $45 each and include shipping.  Discount given for order of multiple prints in same order.

Diptych Left and Right:  Unmatted two panels $45 / Single Mat - 2 panels  $85 /  Includes shipping

Crab (11x17 unmatted)

Trigger Fish (11x17 unmatted)

Rock Fish (11x17 unmatted)

Skate (11x17 unmatted)

Octypus (11x17 unmatted)

Red Banded Rockfish (11x17 unmatted)

Trout (11x17 unmatted)

Ling Cod with Rockfish Composite (unmatted 12x18))

Shrimp (unmatted)

Shrimp (unmatted)

King Salmon (12x18 unmatted)

Pink Salmon (12x18 unmatted)

Rockfish with Maidenhair Fern (12x18 unmatted)

Alligator Gar (7x18 unmatted)

Caymen Island Angel Fish

(12x18 unmatted)

Dyptych Left (12x18 unmatted)

Dyptych Right (12x18 unmatted)

Lingcod - spotted (12x18 unmatted)