The art of Japanese fish rubbings and nature prints


Bellingham, Washington

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Artist Bio – Lori Hatch

     I studied art at Brigham Young University and later, Gyotaku with Yoshiko Takahashi, a master printer and teacher from Japan. My interest in Gyotaku began in the late 70's after studying a book written by Japanese artist Yoshio Hyama. I thought I was alone in my pursuit of printing from nature, when I discovered the Nature Printing Society by way of an incredible Smithsonian exhibit in Seattle in 1983. At that time, it was a small group of dedicated printers, an interesting mix of scientists, fishermen and artists. It was truly a “meeting of the minds” between science and the arts. Unique life-long friendships were formed.

     Today, it is a growing international organization of which I'm still a member. (www.natureprintingsociety.org) I find endless inspiration in nature, particularly here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. With our rushed and high-tech lifestyles, we are often quite removed from the very things that could restore our souls and give our lives balance. I feel we are privileged passengers and should be diligent guardians to our streams and waterways. Direct prints from nature preserves images to enjoy for generations.

     I have exhibited and sold through galleries on the east and west coast and Hawaii for over 30 years. One of my originals, ( an eight foot span of king salmon ) was part of a nature printing exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and is now part of a permanent collection of the Santa Barbara chamber of commerce. I have enjoyed lecturing in schools and at museums and teaching workshops. Kids especially like the hands on approach to learning about fish. My work has been published in several art books, used as magazine illustrations and print advertising. In the late 80's I was a featured guest on the Seattle Today show.

     For questions about my work and where it can be found or get information about upcoming workshops, contact me at natureprints@comcast.net   or call (360) 734-6721.